"To truly become an alchemist and transform all poisons into their cure, do something radical: exchange yourself for others and begin to suffer with. You will see that this is how compassion can finally be born."

"The Medicine is in the Poison: Poems from the Path of Lojong" is Brandon Thompson’s third book of ecstatic poetry. It combines and integrates the two greatest callings of Brandon's life: Buddhism and ecstatic poetry. This unprecedented collection is directly inspired by one of the world's most profound models of spiritual transformation: the lojong (mind-training) slogans, which themselves provide the foundation for Mahayana Buddhism.

This volume is presented lovingly and humbly: not as a teaching, but as an offering. Not as a guide, but as a companion along the Way. It is not just a book for those on a Buddhist path, but stands as a practical and meaningful collection of inspirational poems for anyone on their own personal journey towards meaning, happiness, and fulfillment.

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the assembly line of egoic-mind
is a factory of illusion

but waking up to this truth at last
is the birthplace
of your freedom