"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself."  ~zen proverb

A Teacher with a Calling

For over a decade, Brandon enjoyed a career as a transformative educator at Sofia University in Palo Alto, California. With a focus on whole-person education, Sofia brings cutting-edge transpersonal learning modalities into the realm of higher education, centered around creativity, spirituality, personal transformation, and scholarship. Brandon considers himself a teacher with a calling. During his career as a transpersonal educator, Brandon regularly facilitated workshop segments as an in-person instructor at Sofia's Global Student Seminars. He has offered instruction in Buddhism and Buddhist psychology, transformative life coaching, and, of course, the practice of ecstatic poetry. Brandon has developed the following workshops: "The Language of Philosophy: Buddhist Perspectives on Giving Voice to our Visions," and "The Courage to Reveal Our Authentic Selves: A Journey into Transpersonal Integrity," and has offered them at various venues, including Sofia University Seminars. Brandon has been a Buddhist teacher since 2007, and draws upon the ethos of Buddhist philosophy and psychology all throughout his offerings.

Brandon's Philosophy of Education can be found here.

"Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being. Leave that which is not, but appears to be. Seek that which is, but is not apparent."  ~rumi

Ecstatic Poetry Workshops and Retreats: A Mystical Journey

Sharing the power of ecstatic poetry with others is the passion of Brandon's life. He has spent years working with groups of poets and writers, learning together and deepening his ideas about what ecstatic poetry is and how we can wield it to transform our hearts. His workshops are appropriate for writers of all ages and levels. Whether you are seeking to express yourself in a new way by learning about a casual interest or have been writing for most of your life, Brandon's teaching style and workshop offerings provide a fresh and unique perspective which has inspired writers, invited them to deepen their experience of their own art, and cultivated some truly visionary, ecstatic works of poetry and prose.

The practice of ecstatic poetry is, at its core, a mystical art. It offers the poet an opportunity to access his or her Essence by introducing concepts and practices that act to unobstruct the natural flow of Creative Spirit. The result is often a deepened sense of Self, a personal and communal Awakening, a transformation. The words of the ecstatic poet, then, when manifested authentically and intentionally, possess a mighty power. Poetry practice allows us to connect more deeply, not only to ourselves, but to others, to the world, and to the cosmos. As a facilitator for writers, Brandon draws upon this this worldview, which is based on his personal practice and experiences as a writer, a spiritual practitioner, a transpersonal educator, and an ecstatic poet.

Participants in Brandon's ecstatic poetry workshops are lead on an ever-deepening journey into this mysterious, mystical wilderness. Each new group co-creates an experience that is unique. However, there are some common threads that seem to run throughout all of these experiences. To that end, participants can expect any number of the following joyful activities to occur during one of Brandon's ecstatic poetry workshops:

  • Deep, authentic communication

  • Open space for reconnecting to your writing practice

  • Space to commune with nature and listen to the messages of the natural world

  • Basic meditation instruction and time for silence and contemplation

  • Various body modality offerings such as yoga, reiki, and others as available

  • In-depth exploration of visionary art from the perspectives of both classical and contemporary visionary artists

  • Exploration of specific practices that cultivate an opening to Creative Spirit and facilitate essence-driven poetry writing

  • Presentation of revolutionary new concepts not being offered anywhere else, such as Ecstatic Theory, Poetic Listening, and Midwifing Connection to Essence

  • Much more!

To discuss bringing one of Brandon's exciting, transformative workshops or retreats to your venue, please E-mail brandon@brandonthompsonauthor.com or visit the contact page!

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