Some words on Brandon as a teacher...


"Brandon's compassion and authentic voice shine through his every word and gesture. He leads with grace, good humor, and generosity. What I appreciate about him most, however, is his remarkable ability to gently clear the briars from a person's heart." ~ Mimm Patterson, M.A., Program Director, Samyama Yoga Center, Palo Alto, California



"Brandon exudes enthusiasm for the subject matter and his students' learning and experiences. His teaching seems to go straight to the soul, and is never without the most amazing gentleness and compassion. Brandon holds his students in a place of honor. He is not only a beautiful soul, but a magnificent guide and teacher."  ~ Janelle Alex, Ph.D., Relationship and Intimacy Expert, Co-Founder of Mission: Date Night, Colorado Springs, Colorado 



"Brandon possesses a noble character and keen insight and clarity. As our teacher, Brandon was so helpful, encouraging, and challenging. I have grown exponentially as a person because I got to work with him. His humility is real and compelling, as is his enthusiasm and passion for teaching."  ~ Glenn McReynolds, M.A., Transformational Life Coach, Nashville, Tennessee


"Brandon is that rare individual who chooses to work with students in ways that facilitate their personal and professional growth. He is an open-hearted person with a keen intellect and a wealth of experience that he brings to his teachings. He has the ability to blend education, scholarship, lived experience, and compassion."  ~ Nancy Rowe, Ph.D., Chair of Sofia University's Global Master's Program, Woodstock, New York


"Brandon Thompson is an old soul in a young person's body. My fellow participants and I walked into his workshop as individuals and walked out as kindred souls, such is the nature and depth of his work. His teaching on ecstatic poetry is a long, cool drink for a society parched with thirst." ~ Barbara Lyghtel Rohrer, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Brandon's teaching, like his writing, is expansive and mindful. It often allows his students the spaciousness to dive deeper and question more. Brandon's intuition creates an ideal learning environment for any individual who seeks to understand what it means to be human in a mindful way. As our meditation teacher, Brandon leads us into the quiet passage of existence. And as our writing guide, our poems reflect this same kind of beautiful stillness."  ~ Brian Folk, M.A., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

"I left Brandon's poetry class every day with the sense that time, my thoughts, and my life fit together in exciting and fulfilling ways. His workshop was so important to me for contemplation, poetry writing, and for the aspiring poet that I continue to be." ~ Brenda Richardson, Berea, Kentucky

"I really appreciated Brandon's fire and flexibility as a workshop leader. A gifted mentor, he created a spacious place for us to ignite our own ecstatic flow and pour it out into our poetry." ~ Alison Scewczyk, Berea, Kentucky 

"Brandon has an earnest quality that radiates warmth and ease. His ability to connect with his students allowed us to open and receive his teachings so easily. This was a beautiful experience and I look forward to taking his teachings to my journal." ~ Beth Hughes, Palo Alto, California 

if every student knew
that he himself was the teacher
all gratitude for teachers
would become gratitude for Self