"Life creates memories. Memories bring emotion. Emotion inspires art. Art captures life."

“Ecstatic Encounters: Poetry and Paintings Worth a Thousand Words” is an ars poetica: a marriage of visual art and poetry. It is a collaboration by artist Jesse Albert Glenn and poet Brandon Thompson.

At the core of this project is an effort to capture the universal experience of personal influence. We hope to illuminate the simple stories of the people and places that touch our lives. This book is a culmination of our work together, as it presents each of Jesse’s lovingly-crafted paintings alongside Brandon’s accompanying ecstatic poetry. Both of these mediums, visual art and written word, come together in this project with the intention of capturing the essence of our subjects. Throughout this book, you will witness our dance with archetypes and images, each representing the individuals and experiences who live in our hearts and touch us along our Paths.

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What are people saying about "Ecstatic Encounters"? 

"This is a truly enchanting book. Glenn's paintings feel charged by the elements--they range from the cool, calming mix of light and dark of deep waters to the breath of life and passion of fire. Thompson's poetry gives voice to the stories behind the paintings, revealing the luminous nature and myriad connections found between one person and another. Highly recommend." ~ Joseph Nichols, Lexington, Kentucky

"Inspired by love, shaped by wistful dreaming, and hardened by the pangs of heartbreak, this tragically beautiful collection of paired poetry and artwork perfectly captures the raw human emotions of nostalgia, lost love, growth, and acceptance. Ecstatic Encounters is a must-have for anyone who loves with all their heart, even if that means experiencing a little pain." ~ Brian Wylie, Berea, Kentucky

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i whispered of how
i wanted to show her
all about love
and what it could do
but she had something different to teach
and it was just my time
to learn