”Take my hand now. We have so much to see. Time is a tricky, playful thing, and I think it means to show us something beautiful.”

The relationship between a daughter and her daddy is really something special. There’s no other experience quite like it. Brandon Thompson, the author of this book, is a relatively-new dad who’s had a whole lot to learn. Using the tools of ecstatic poetry, Brandon has chronicled the first two years of his daughter’s life in verse, hoping to capture the messiness, the uncertainty, the moments of awe, the vulnerable joy of embarking upon one of the grandest adventures in human living. There seems to be some greater purpose hidden deep within the union of parent and child. This book seeks to express that profoundly-mystical connection and attempts to unravel some of the mysteries that all parents encounter as they watch their children grow.

This book is intended as a gift. It’s for daddies and daughters, parents and lovers, and anyone who has some elusive sense of deeper meaning, either for themselves, for their children, or both. Most of all, though, it’s for one special little girl, who came here intentionally, with purpose, and by choice. Just as we all do.

What are people saying about "Fire and the Moon"? 

"While daddies and daughters will find their special relationship tenderly mirrored here, in 'Fire and the Moon', Brandon Thompson has created a timeless treasure for everyone. Read it to the children in your life and the child who still lives within you. Expect to be transformed." ~ Cheryl Lafferty Eckl, mystical poet and storyteller, author of "Poetics of Soul and Fire" & "The Weaving: A Novel of Twin Flames Through Time"  

"I decided to read this book as the child I was, once. 'Fire and the Moon' is the book that I wish every child could read from their father." ~ Val Michael Selvaggio, author of "Remnant" 

"I would say words can't express the pure joy and absolute terror that you can feel as a parent, often at the exact same time, but Brandon has proven me wrong. These are truly beautiful poems, clearly written straight from the heart." ~ Aaron, father Wesley, Claire, and Samuel, Raleigh, NC

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All that matters to me
is that you have a record

some way of remembering

that before you’d even been given a word
to describe it,
you always knew
just how to find
the moon.