"Universal Creativity, flow through me...from my heart through my mind to my hand. Infuse my work with Spirit to feed hungry souls." ~ Alex Grey 

The experience of ecstatic poetry, like that of any other type of mystical art, has the potential to be quite profound. Its power lies within its capacity to connect us to our essence, to show us that we can access our own Source the same way a lightning rod harnesses the natural, primordial force of electricity during a lightning storm. Ecstatic poetry shines its light onto the parts of our hungry hearts that we didn't even know were malnourished. It is a practice of personal and collective transformation through the power of essence-driven Word. 

On this page, you are invited to experience the journey of ecstatic poetry through the lens of Brandon Thompson, who is but one poet-practitioner in this vast and sacred wilderness of words.



What is Ecstatic Poetry? 

Brandon shares some ideas about ecstatic poetry as a practice and a path. He discusses the elements of ecstatic poetry that are emerging on his journey as a practitioner/teacher and offers some examples from his own writing. 



Offerings from "The Long Road Home"

A trio of Brandon's favorite poems from his first book, The Long Road Home: A Collection of Poems from an Open Heart. 

"a thousand mindless conversations about

'what it must be like'

none of these are real

i want to let go"


Brandon shares his poem "Hymn to Misery," and a bit about its significance as a practice-oriented piece of ecstatic poetry. 

"suffering opens the eyes

misery burns away selfishness


can make the fool's heart wise"



Offerings from "From the Back of a Thirsty Camel"

Brandon shares two poems from his second book, From the Back of a Thirsty Camel: Ecstatic Longings. 


"the time has come to speak of love

but when whispers of the beloved beg to be spoken

only silence escapes my lips"


In this special reading, Brandon shares the opening poem from Thirsty Camel. As the book begins, this piece invokes the power of prayer on this path of poetry-as-devotion. 

"in silence now, on bended knee,

i offer up my sword

that you might hone and forge my heart

i sing my prayer to Word" 


Brandon explores the idea of "Quantum Self," one of the six sections found in Thirsty Camel, and then shares a few of his favorites.

"look at the place behind your thoughts

and see that there is no distance

between Self

and the cosmos"  


Brandon discusses a section from Thirsty Camel called "The Riddle." He speaks about his longing to solve the riddle of ecstatic poetry and offers his thoughts on the transformative power of poetry practice.

"a poem is a riddle

that knows you have its answer

be still, and God will whisper the truth 

into your ear"


On one of the hottest days of summer, Brandon travels to a local sacred site to share a few selections from "Dharma on Fire," one of the six sections in Thirsty Camel. 

"what's so bad about being a seeker?

i'll take my longings and glimpses of God any day

over the concreted mind

that has it all figured out"


Brandon shares from "The Time Has Come to Speak of Love," one of the six sections in Thirsty Camel, and explores its emotional and spiritual significance along his path as an ecstatic poet.

"if your hands are still stuffed half-deep

into your hot bag of peanuts,

you may think that i've turned my back on love

but really, i'm just leaving the circus" 


Brandon discusses the power of intention in this exploration of "Personal Prophecies," a section from Thirsty Camel that represents personal transformation and manifestation.  

"what is the cost of longing? 

it depends on what you do when you feel its pull

but should you choose to ignore it completely

you will risk missing the voyage that could bring you home"


The final section in Thirsty Camel is a collection of poems called "A Breath Ageless." In this video, Brandon invites us into the world of ecstatic love poetry: words of love written as an expression of the Divine. 

"an entire Universe from birth to death

is like one breath in the eyes of God

and there you were, in my arms,

breathing the fire of the moment"



Other Pieces of the Path...

The Ecstatic Poetry Video Series

The EPVS is now in its second season!!! In this ongoing journey into the heart of ecstatic poetry, Brandon shares the poems that move him most deeply; poems from a multitude of ecstatic writers throughout human history. Look for new poems uploaded regularly!!

All of the videos are available right here on the website in the adjacent pane, or click here to view the series on YouTube. 


Author Reading from Berea Book Fest 2016

Brandon shares a few readings from his first two books, The Long Road Home and From the Back of a Thirsty Camel, at Berea Book Fest in April 2016. In between readings, he shares a bit of his journey and the stories behind his art. 


Author Reading from Berea Book Fest 2017

Brandon brings ecstatic poetry back to Berea Book Fest for a second year. This time, the deeper work that he's been doing has begun to take shape. Brandon shares a bit about the history of ecstatic poetry along with some poems from early writers, and finishes with a few favorites from his newest works.