"In silence now, on bended knee, I offer up my sword. That you might hone and forge my heart, I sing my prayer to word."

And so begins “From the Back of a Thirsty Camel: Ecstatic Longings,” Brandon Thompson’s second book of ecstatic poetry. Far more than just a collection of poetry, “From the Back of a Thirsty Camel” is a penetrating exploration of writing as spiritual practice. In its pages, readers will find not only exquisite poems that glimmer with insight, but will also be invited on a journey: deeper into themselves, deeper into Spirit, and deeper into writing as a practice of Awakening.

What is ecstatic poetry? How can this mysterious form of writing once practiced by the contemplative Sufi Masters come into our lives and transform our hearts? In this book, Brandon endeavors to answer these questions and many more. He brings together a decades-long path of spiritual exploration, a harrowing personal journey from shadow into light, and a profound investigation into the nature of consciousness and its relationship to love, loss, and our place in the cosmos.

From its first page to its last, “From the Back of a Thirsty Camel: Ecstatic Longings” is a prayer to the power of words. It is an offering delivered on bended knee to all of those who sense that words can be a vessel for their longings and a vehicle towards deeper insight, wholeness, and transformation.

What are people saying about "From the Back of a Thirsty Camel"? 

"A beautiful collection of ecstatic poetry by a genuine seeker on the Path." ~ John Welwood, Ph.D., author of Toward a Psychology of Awakening and Journey of the Heart: The Path of Conscious Love

"This gorgeous collection of heart-full poems is both inspiration and guide for the journey through life, love, loss, and hope for a more awakened future. Just open to any page and you find wisdom and deep compassion for the conversation we are called to have with our humanity and our divinity. Follow Brandon's lead and you will discover relief for your inner longing and nourishment for your own courageous soul." ~ Cheryl Eckl, mystical poet and storyteller, author of Poetics of Soul & Fire and Bridge to the Otherworld

"Thompson's poetry opens up a space of meditation, exploration, and play. What a pleasure to experience this poet's passion and spiritual quest. He 'sings his prayer to word,' seeking the ecstatic union of poetry to the divine." ~ Carol Burbank, Ph.D., author of Storyweaving Playbook One: Answer the Call to Adventure

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let me tell you a secret:
poetry is born
from that ache in your chest

it might feel like a question
but the truth is,
it’s the answer