The Ecstatic Vision: Collaborations and Projects

The Ecstatic Vision is a concept, an idea. It represents a revolutionary notion: that all things in our world can be approached as devotional practice, as "grist for the mill" of Awakening. Its purpose is to remind us of the broad scope of practices that can be utilized for personal and societal transformation. Here on, The Ecstatic Vision is the home for both upcoming and completed collaborative projects with other artists who share an ecstatic/spiritual perspective.

Ecstatic Encounters: Poetry and Paintings Worth a Thousand Words

I am elated to announce an ecstatic art collaboration with artist Jesse Albert Glenn. Jesse is an incredible visual artist and painter whose work seems to tap into something ancient, something nostalgic, something that speaks to our longings. For this project, Jesse and I took an ecstatic journey together as we chose our subjects and conducted the work of "Ecstatic Encounters." This project is an ars poetica: a marriage of art and poetry. The idea behind this work is to draw our inspiration from the brilliance and beauty of those individuals that we meet along the Way, to capture their influence, their aura, their essence. There is something magical - something ineffable but also universal - contained in the experience of being touched by others. The purpose of this project is to pay homage to that magic: the mystery and power of human connection. 

Our work culminated in a series of paintings, each with their own accompanying ecstatic poem, aimed at capturing the essence of our subjects. We explored archetypes such as "The Young Artist," "The Carpenter," and many more of the common-but-mysical, mundane-but-profound individuals and experiences that live in our hearts. The work of "Ecstatic Encounters" took nearly a year. It all came to fruition on May 20th, 2016 at our art opening at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton, Ohio, where the show was part of a temporary installation until the middle of June. 

"Ecstatic Encounters" will be an ongoing project and a traveling art installation. Jesse and I will be creating new poems and new paintings in a continued dance with archetypes and individuals. Stay tuned here, on Facebook, or on the Upcoming Events page for more news about "Ecstatic Encounters." 

Our published book is available now! Head over to its page to read all about how you can get your hands on the current edition of "Ecstatic Encounters." 

Don't forget to take a look at our showcase video, below, which includes tons of information about "Ecstatic Encounters" and our artist talk from opening night at Pyramid Hill!